Focusables tooltips

Focusable tooltips are eclipse-like tooltips original taken from RSyntaxTextArea project.

The nuiton-widget version also include modification to allow putting focusable tooltips on non-JTextArea, JComponent.


Default tooltip:

Focused tooltip:


To use focusable tooltip, you need to redefine the getTooltipText() method on related components

JTable table = new JTable(tableModel) {
  /** Single tooltip instance. */
  protected FocusableTip focusableTip;

  public String getToolTipText(MouseEvent e) {
      String text = super.getToolTipText(e);
      if (focusableTip == null) {
          focusableTip = new FocusableTip(this, null);
      focusableTip.toolTipRequested(e, text);

      return null;