How to convert UML models from Poseidon to ArgoUML ?

You have to save your model using Poseidon in XMI, or extract it from the .zuml file which is in fact a zip file:

xlstproc -o <argo-file>.xmi poseidon2argouml.xsl <poseidon-file>.xmi

Then in ArgoUML open the generated file.

The diagrams are not converted, you have to create them agein from the classes doing drag&drop.

Howto update object model ?

When updating obecject model, think to update also the associated xsd to generate always a valid xml object model files.

How to write Transformer's methods ?

The interest of the Transformers is to use less template syntax as possible to generate the final code. Nevertheless it is necessary to use this syntax for the methods body. Nuiton-processor interprets differently Transformers and Generators, it is necessary to add as Transformer's heading the following configuration

/*{generator option: parentheses = false}*/
/*{generator option: writeString = +}*/

You then just need to use the balises /*{ }*/ to add the body of a method:

setOperationBody(setValue, ""
    this.value = value;
It is advised to make tests for the output file page setting as well as for Generators results.

Where can I find examples of Transformer or Generator ?

Waiting for tutorials and a demo version, the project you can find with the most of concrete examples on EUGene use is ToPIA . You can find in the source code (ToPIA-persistence module) lots of examples of Transformer and/or Generator for Java code generation (uses ObjectModelTransformerToJava or ObjectModelGenerator as superclass). You can also find some examples of integration tests of eugene-maven-plugin : directory src/it/smart-generate.

Why properties are not taken during generation after renomming .zargo file ?

The .zargo file is an archive that contains some files, including .xmi file that is used in the xmi phase after zargo phase. But when we change .zargo file name, those included files are not renamed. The .zargo file must be edited to synchronized all its included files.